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Ebenezer Scrooge and a Christmas Carol

In 1984 Shrewsbury was transformed into Victorian London for the filming of his classic tale, a Christmas Carol. Shrewsbury was one of Dickens's favourite places and today Scrooge's headstone is still in the graveyard at St Chad's Church.

It starred George C Scott, Frank Finlay, Susannah York and Edward Woodward, while local schoolboy Anthony Walters played Tiny Tim. More than 450 people from the town were used as extras during the filming including the town's very tall town crier Martin Wood, who was Edward Woodward's stand-in.

Shrewsbury's town square was used for the opening scenes of the film, covered in snow with people walking about in Victorian dress.

In the graveyard scene, Ebenezer Scrooge is seen in St Chad's churchyard on his hands and knees as the spirit floats over the graves above him. The scenes there were filmed at 2am and a raised railway was built across the graves to carry a box on wheels with a pole sticking out of it.

Other recognisable scenes include St Julian's Church - the inside of the Church was used for the Corn Market and Fish Street, which has been altered to show St Paul's Cathedral in the sky line instead of St Julian's Church.

Each December, Shrewsbury Visitor Information Centre hold A Christmas Carol Guided Tours, find out more and book here.