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Darwin Quiz

Below are the Answers to the Darwin Quiz from the Little Book of DarwIN Shrewsbury:

  1. What made Darwin feel sick? B. peacock feathers.
  2. Darwin was told the “world would come to an end before anyone was able to explain how” what “came to where it now lays” A. a stone.
  3. Why did Captain Fitz-Roy almost reject Darwin to be his naturalist on the Beagle? B. the shape of his nose.
  4. How much did Darwin agree to pay for his place on the Beagle for five years? A. £500.
  5. In Darwin’s autobiography he states that a taste for what, is an indication for future success in life? C. collecting beetles.
  6. Where in Shrewsbury did Darwin contemplate his life decisions? A. Town Walls.