Austin variations exhibition

About this event

Balcony Exhibition from contemporary artist, Vicky Roden.

Forming part of her ‘More Than Human’ project, this series of exhibitions in museums across the UK explores how human remains are displayed in museum collections and how we relate to them in the present day.

This exhibition entitled ‘Austin Variations’ looks at one skull excavated at the Austin Friary site near Welsh Bridge in 1984. The cause of death was due to a sharp bladed instrument striking the individual across the brow and splitting open the anterior part of the skull. Archaeologists at the time interpreted this burial of that of a young man, injured at the Battle of Shrewsbury. But can we be sure? To date there has been no accurate dating of the skull, or DNA analysis.

Vicky’s work explores a series of alternative stories that could just as easily fit the known facts. These are told through a series of medieval style embroideries.

Many of the individuals whose remains are cared for in collections today were found during archaeological investigation and serve to help us understand and connect more deeply with the people who came before us.

There is an opportunity to give your feedback on how human remains are displayed in museums.

PLEASE NOTE: This exhibition features human remains.

Map of Shrewsbury

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