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Shrewsbury Night Bus Trial

A new night bus service is coming to Shrewsbury from 8th December every Friday and Saturday night until the end of the year, bringing a cheap and easy way to travel for those coming in to enjoy the town’s night time.

The buses will operate on the hour every hour between 7pm to 2am (except 10pm) with two bus routes catering for those travelling from north and south of the town – for just £1 each way.

The North and South routes will each have 12 stops starting and finishing at Shrewsbury Bus Station where the Shrewsbury BID Street Ambassadors will be on hand to assist.

The North route will take in Ditherington, Mount Pleasant, Harlescott, Sundorne, Conway Drive and Shire Hall whilst the South route covers Shirehall, Sutton Farm, Meole Brace, Radbrook, Gains Park, Bicton and Copthorne.

Please note that while the timetable lists the main stops for the bus, the drivers will also stop upon request at the following stops:

Shrewsbury North Route – N1

1.       The Pump House 

2.       Berwick Road Junction 

3.       Wood Street Junction 

4.       No 73 

5.       Lymehurst Court

6.       Cedars Drive Junction 

7.       Pitchford Road 

8.       Derwent Avenue Junction 

9.       Harlescott Lane Junction 

10.   Prestbury Green Junction 

11.   Steam Wagon 

12.   Perkins Entrance 

13.   Post Office 

14.   Heathgates PH 

15.   Sentinal 

16.   Rosedale Junction 

17.   Haughmond Avenue Junction 

18.   Hawkstone Road Junction 

19.   B & Q

20.   Featherbed Lane Junction

21.   Sports Village

22.   TA Centre 

23.   Coracle PH 

24.   Albert Road Junction 

25.   Heathgates PH 

26.   Hearne Way Junction 

27.   Monkmoor Hotel 

28.   St Peters Church 

29.   Crowmere Road 

30.   The Dun Cow 

31.   Abbey Church 

32.   St Julians Friars 

33.   The Square 

34.   Market Hall 

35.   Rowleys House

36.   Raven Meadows

Shrewsbury South Route – N2

Bus stop name followed by stop ID

1.      St Mary’s Street 

2.      Dogpole 

3.      Bridge 

4.      Abbey Church 

5.      The Bell PH 

6.      St Giles Church 

7.      Armoury Gardens 

8.      Huxley Close Junction 

9.      Bus Layby 

10.  Priory Playing Fields 

11.  Priory School 

12.  Henlow Rise Junction 

13.  Six Acres Junction 

14.  Lanesfield Junction

15.  St Anthony’s Junction 

16.  St Anne’s Road Junction 

17.  Radbrook College 

18.  Oakfield Road Junction 

19.  Mytton Grove Junction 

20.  Co-op 

21.  Hospital 

22.  Bowbrook 

23.  Sandown Crescent Junction 

24.  Collingwood Junction 

25.  Woodcrest Junction 

26.  Welshpool Road Junction 

27.  Heath Cottage 

28.  Cooperative Foodstore 

29.  Shelton Hospital 

30.  Oxon Business Park 

31.  The Oxon Priory 

32.  Shelton Park Junction 

33.  Bryn Road 

34.  Hafren Road 

35.  The Swan 

36.  Raven Meadows

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