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Shrewsbury Mayor, Radio One Mayor of Where. Greg James

Shrewsbury's mayor keeps radio 1 presenters guessing

The Mayor of Shrewsbury hit the airwaves in a 'Guess Who' style competition on BBC Radio 1 this afternoon.

Councillor Beverley Baker featured on the 'Mayor of Where' game, a regular feature on Greg James' afternoon show, in which Greg and newsreader Chris Smith have to guess which town the secret guest is Mayor of.

The pair picked up on an early clue given by Councillor Baker about Charles Darwin and pretty soon the penny began to drop.

Presenter Greg piped Chris to the post with a lucky guess that Councillor Baker was the Mayor of Shrewsbury after his fellow quizzer listed all of the clues in succession, practically spelling out to his competitor the town in question.

Councillor Baker, who described the quiz as 'a great experience' said: "I was nervous at first in case they asked questions I wasn't prepared for and I gave the game away. But once I was on the phone and chatting everything was fine. It was a great experience and really good fun."

For anyone who missed the show live, the quiz is available to download on the BBC iPlayer.