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3 months of Zombies at the Dana Prison

Lockdown I 
Begins our zombie trilogy, which will see the story continuing through each event.
Kicking off with Lockdown I - A fast paced, heart pumping, action-filled zombie chase event. Visitors to the Dana prison have found themselves caught in the middle of a riot. The governor has ordered the site and its prisoners into Lockdown. As the guards battle to regain control of the prison it becomes obvious there is something more driving the inmates. They are more aggressive, more vicious and attacking anyone that comes near them. Stuck within this 4-acre site you must navigate your way around to find the gate officer and the all-important keycard that will get you out of the prison – Can you survive Lockdown? 

Lockdown I starts tomorrow, 11th August and runs for 3 nights. There are only a few tickets left for each night, priced at £30 each for an hour of zombie fun in a prison. 

Lockdown II - Sanctum
Taking place about 8 months after LOCKDOWN, The World as we know it is gone, overrun by Zeds. Those that have survived so far, do so by avoiding areas of civilisation, or taking refuge in strongholds. Survivours are starting to become used to this post-apocalyptic world and will do anything necessary to survive.

The Dana Prison, ground Zero, has become one such stronghold. But it goes by a different name; SANCTUM.

Within its walls, a colony of survivors have set up home and are doing everything required to survive.

Inside SANCTUM, life continues, crops are grown, schooling for the youngsters and new skills are taught to help combat the infected. The leader of this survivors’ colony, General George P. Hock, has set up an internal ‘policing’ team, and they have very strict rules to keep contamination to a minimum. Don’t cross them, or you may well find yourself “missing” from day-to-day business.

Do you have what it takes to keep SANCTUM going? Could you become the next General? What secrets does this place hold, and how are they keeping the Zeds at bay!

Lockdown II is on 24th September for 1 day only. A family friendly version in the morning at 9am and an adult only event starting at 4pm. The event takes 5 hours; tickets are priced at £45 each

Lockdown III - Sanatorium
Within the darkness, there is a broadcast from a secret organisation in this wasteland that World has now become. Its faint, but every now and then, you can hear it when you travel from base to base, never quite safe. It filters through on the radio, you pick it out, word by word from the constant static.
“GEt tO SaNcTUm. THe TRuTh Is THeRe. MADnEss rEIgNs. GeT TO SAnAtoRiUM.”

Lockdown; SANATORIUM is a place where those “Survivors” that lived there but a few mere months ago are now ALL insane. Their time surviving alone has twisted them, as has the infection that they can’t possibly have avoided this long by themselves. 

As such the maze of riddles and puzzles within may not necessarily bring success; in fact, you may need to go back to those same individuals a few times to grasp everything they have to offer; perhaps sending different individuals may prove beneficial! Lots of puzzles, all as crazy as the next, and at the end, they WILL find a formula for The Cure (though who is to say it isn’t a dud!).

Lockdown III takes us back to our routes, of Zombie chase events and runs from 27th – 29th October with multiply events each day. The event takes 1 hour; tickets are priced at £30 each.