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The Playsted Family

The Playsted family let us come along for a day while they visited their favourite places in Shrewsbury. Twins Emma and Ruth, along with their children Maisy, Esme, Hugo and Mia, and Emma’s husband Ian, enjoyed playing, shopping, exploring and wandering around their favourite areas in town.

“Ruth and I have lived in Shrewsbury all of our lives, bar a few years when I lived in Manchester. I loved it but when I found out I was pregnant, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to bring up my children in Shrewsbury. It’s such a brilliant place to bring up children, it feels safe and offers the best of both worlds by retaining its uniqueness and history but also offers lots of modern amenities and shops.”

Emma’s unique way of capturing Shrewsbury in her photographs really caught our eye, and this is when we asked her and her family to star in our video. As a photographer, Emma started instagramming as a way to document her and her children’s life. “I love looking back through it like a photo album”.

The family love being outdoors and spending time in the park and walking their dog, although Emma says that the eldest is starting to prefer shopping! “I love that Shrewsbury has so much history. I always tell people to look up. If you look up in Shrewsbury you see so much, the buildings are so diverse and stunning.”

With regards to Christmas in Shrewsbury, Emma says: “The Light Switch On is something we look forward to every year, along with the Carols in the Square. It’s such a community feeling. Late night shopping nights are also a favourite followed by a glass of bubbly of course!”

The Playsteds will be spending their Christmas together, “We will all be at Ruth’s house. She is an amazing chef. The cousins are so close and the excitement level will be high!”

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