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Shrewsbury to mark ve day anniversary

A special beacon will be lit in Shrewsbury tomorrow to honour of the 70th anniversary of VE day. More than 200 beacons across the country are set to be lit at 9.32pm throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, following the lighting of the Principal Beacon outside Windsor Castle by Her Majesty The Queen.

Shrewsbury's beacon will be lit in the Quarry, in front of the war memorial, by the Mayor, Councillor Beverley Baker. The ceremony has been jointly organised by Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Council.

VE Day marks the official end of hostilities in Europe for the Second World War on 8 May 1945, following the formal unconditional surrender of German Forces.

The special gas-fuelled beacon produced for VE Day this year has a unique burner head in the shape of a V for victory.

Councillor Baker said: "I am so pleased Shrewsbury is able to play a part in commemorating this 70th anniversary, lighting the beacon links us with other towns across the country, ensuring this important date is remembered."

Clive Wright, Chief Executive of Shropshire Council, said: "I'm proud that we're marking this hugely significant date in our history. The sacrifices made by everyone during the war should not be forgotten and it's important to mark the anniversary of when peace returned to Europe - it's an honour to take part."