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Shropshire spiritual group creates multi-faith ‘Greenpoint Movement’ to bring Summer Solstice message of hope

A Shropshire spiritual group is fighting back against the culture of doom and gloom that has gripped the country by starting up a new multi-faith initiative: The Greenpoint Movement.  The movement has been joined by volunteers across the West Midlands, with members of different spiritual communities banding together to organise a ‘Sacred Gathering’ on the Summer Solstice with the aim of bringing a message of hope. The ‘Sacred Gathering’ will be on 24-25th June, at Huntley Wood, Staffordshire, and entry will include camping, 3 vegetarian meals a day, talks, seminars, and workshops.

The Sacred Gathering will start with a celebration of Litha, the traditional 'fire ceremony' and the honouring of this period of transition, but in truth it will be offering much more than that. Greenpoint is an exciting, much needed breath of hope, springing on to the scene with the promise of self-discovery and well being. It embraces the challenges of modern life, offering self discovery through the teaching and promotion of all forms of natural energy healing, organic living, nutrition, relaxation, the study of ancient ways, and their place in our future. We may co-exist with each other, with nature, and the universe, and thrive while finding ourselves.

Co-Founder of The Greenpoint Movement, The Reverend John David, said: “Greenpoint embraces all spiritual disciplines and is sympathetic to all religious beliefs. It is the movement that is determined to find the middle ground and solve all theological conflict along the way. This movement comes from the heart entirely, and for this reason it has my entire heart behind it.”

Victoria Heath PLT RMT, co-founder and speaker at the Sacred Gathering added: “I am so excited to be part of the Greenpoint Movement from its birth. To see a movement born to embrace natural healing and address the complex issues of general life is so very needed for us to make the transition into a better future. So much ancient knowledge is overlooked and dismissed, and so many people could change the way they feel, and their family life, by knowing the basis of healing and nutrition. This innovative vibrant movement links everything together that gives us all a brighter future.”

This unique movement is set to change lives in a simple fundamental way that we have not seen in recent years and is much needed, now more than ever. For further details of the movement and Sacred Gathering see: http://www.thegreenpointmovement.co.uk/