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3 days and 3 minutes with Larry at Theatre Severn


When comedian and Generation Game host Larry Grayson took to the stage for his 1994 Royal Variety performance, little did we know of the widespread secrecy surrounding his very last public appearance.

This new play by Chris Mellor, reveals the backstage events during the three days leading up to what would be Larry's finale, when the comedian befriended a spiritual healer to help him get his three minute act together.

We relive some of Larry's best comic material, with his most loved characters - 'Slack Alice' and 'Everard', and also learn of the mysterious psychic influences operating in Larry's life.

With the support of the Grayson family, the show has been created by the Producers of "Cissie and Ada an Hysterical Rectomy" and is a creative tribute to Larry, based on real stories researched about the man. The show as the support of the Grayson Family.




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