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British Independent Comics Fai

British Independent Comics Fair


Some people don't realise that in this country we have a huge thriving independent comics publishing scene. You probably know about the Beano, 2000ad and maybe you've seen the excellent Shift in your local newsagent., which is a showcasing the tip of the indy comics iceberg.

However there are literally hundreds of original and innovative artists and writers out there publishing a diverse range of comics telling stories in every genre on every subject imaginable,

Th Indy scene caters for a more mainstream audience than just super heroes and funnies. You can find manga, horror comics, crime comics, slice of life drama and fantasy all drawn in unique and original styles showing the true potential of the comic art form.

So if you are looking for something fresh and new, maybe something challenging and thought provoking, or just a good fun read, this is the event for you!

Meet the creators behind today's cutting edge comics and re discover why comics are not just an important part of our British heritage but an essential part of our cultural future.

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