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Cahoots Theatre Company presents: Dead Sheep


How Margaret Thatcher fatally underestimated Geoffrey Howe

The true story of how Mrs Thatcher, once the most powerful woman in the world, was brought down by Geoffrey Howe, her one time friend and political soul mate, with one of the greatest speeches ever made.

Howe, whose speaking skills saw him famously compared to a Dead Sheep, was inspired by his wife Elspeth, whose relationship with Mrs Thatcher was notoriously frosty.

Margaret, Geoffrey and Elspeth: a tale of love, honour, loyalty - and revenge.

Dead Sheep is a drama tinged with tragedy and comedy, political morality and Britishness, and its themes are as relevant today as they were more than a quarter of a century ago.

Starring Steve Nallon as Margaret Thatcher and Graham Seed (The Archers) as Ian Gow. In 1984 Steve Nallon became a founding member of the Spitting Image team and became most famous for providing the voice of Thatcher.

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