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Flare Path

Flare Path


First performed in 1942, FLARE PATH by Terence Rattigan is a tribute to the collective spirit of wartime bomber crews and their partners, and a deeply moving portrait of people at war.

Set in the residents’ lounge of a small Lincolnshire hotel during 1941, a place where the RAF pilots and crews hung out before and after bombing raids, the action presides over an autumn weekend.  

Peter Kyle, a successful Hollywood actor whose star is about to wane, unexpectedly turns up at the hotel with the intention and hope of reclaiming the one true love of his life, the young actress Patricia Warrren.  His aims are complicated by the fact that she has relatively recently married a young bomber pilot.  

Although it was Patricia who initiated the break-up with Peter, she still has strong feelings for him. His appearance forces her to face up to the dilemma and a decision of who needs her more – a former long-time lover afraid of what his future holds, or her pilot husband, Flight Lieutenant Teddy Graham DFC, whose breezy manner is a veneer to cover his shattered nerves.  The drama of this complex situation is played out against the background of a bombing raid. 

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