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Gin Therapy

Gin Therapy: The Dark History of Gin


Does Gin affect you in mysterious ways? Do you struggle to resist its tantalising delights? Does it call to you and your friends on a night out? Well your not the only ones!

Gin has been intoxicating us for nearly 300 years and has racked up an incredibly murky past. From its origins in war-ravaged Europe to its current renaissance and everything in between. This tasting is a journey through history through the slightly blurry eyes of Britain's favourite tipple.

As we Can't meet in person at the moment (we miss you all!) we will be doing this one on Zoom, so you can enjoy our guided selection of amazing gins in the comfort of your own home. This tasting is designed for two people to share, and the gin box will have enough gin for both of you!

We'll deliver your gin packs to your door (addresses within 25km of Shrewsbury) in advance of the day, and they will include all the gin, mixers and garnishes you need. You will need to supply your own glasses and ice, and have access to the internet!