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Gin Therapy

Gin Therapy: The Dark History of Gin


Does Gin effect you in mysterious ways? Do you struggle to resist its tantalising delights? Does it call to you and your friends on a night out? Well your not the only ones Gin has been intoxicating us for nearly 300 years and has racked up an incredibly dark history.

Here at Gindifferent we can help! Whether it’s couples counselling or a group session, then we have what you need. Why not come to our 2-hour therapy session and let us take you through a journey of discovery as you share with like-minded individuals and sceptics alike the love of the juniper libation. In this session, we will explore the different styles of gin through the ages to its origins in war-torn Europe, through its revolution and empire building through to the modern-day.

Sessions are £25 and include 6 Gins, 3 cocktails, delectable nibbles and of course our fully trained Ginologists to guide you through your treatment.

Once you are fully rehabilitated and relaxed the bar will be open for you to enjoy an additional tipple or 2 if you require.

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