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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams @ The Wightman Theatre | Shrewsbury | United Kingdom

The Glass Menagerie


Faded Southern belle, Amanda Wingfield, shares a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son Tom, in his early twenties, and his slightly older sister, Laura.

She worries, especially, about the future of her daughter Laura, a young woman with a limp (an after-effect of a bout of polio) and a tremulous insecurity about the outside world.

Tom works in a shoe warehouse doing his best to support the family. He chafes under the banality and boredom of everyday life and spends much of his spare time going to the movies 'or so he says' at all hours of the night.

Obsessed with finding a 'gentleman caller' for Laura, whose crippling shyness has led her to spend much of her time polishing and arranging her collection of little glass animals, Amanda enlists Tom?s help to find a husband for Laura. But will the long-awaited 'gentleman caller' fulfil or shatter the family's delicate dreams'

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