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John Smith & Katherine Priddy

John Smith & Katherine Priddy


This very special show sees two of the UK’s most exciting songwriters together for the first time as part of a collaborative UK tour. Following on from a fortuitous encounter in a Kansas City hotel lobby earlier this year, John Smith and Katherine Priddy have been testing the musical waters together and the result is a powerful meeting of rich harmony and melodies and a galvanising new venture for both artists.

This show will see these artists travelling a slightly less trodden path on the UK circuit, visiting some beautiful towns and performing in intimate settings. Each show will provide a unique experience for the audience as the pair join each other on stage to perform a mix of their own original songs. It promises to be a very memorable series of shows and a great opportunity to see two artists, both highly admired solo performers in their own right, coming together for the first time in a live setting. With whispers of more to come in the next few months, John and Katherine clearly have something special up their sleeves…watch this space!

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