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Make your own Shaun the Sheep Mug Workshop

Make your own Shaun the Sheep Mug Workshop


Make your very own Shaun the Sheep mug to coincide with the new film Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon!

In this 2 hour workshop your little one will learn how to create a beautiful ceramic mug painted with their favourite Wallace and Gromit character, SHAUN THE SHEEP. This is a moderately easy workshop where children will practice their concentration and fine motor skills, while having fun studying how to apply paint within the lines and build up a design on pottery. Techniques that will be covered include brush painting, outlining and filling-in and detailed lettering.

The mug will be decorated both sides with a Shaun the Sheep face on one side and the classic film logo on the back, with a 'grass' effect on the bottom of the mug. There will be room for individual flexibility in the design and we will encourage them to develop their own ideas to make their unique creation their own.

Guidance and assistance will be offered throughout the session, and there will be a fruit squash juice drink and healthy Nakd snack bar as part of the package.

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