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Prison escape at the Dana Prison


Dodge the Guards, Befriend the Cons, Escape the Jail - have got what it takes to beat the World’s largest escape game.

Forget escape rooms, breaking out of a 4 acre, fully operational prison, filled with prison officers and convicts is the newest challenge that awaits you.

Immersive Events boasts one of the World’s only Prison Escape games and by far the largest. Upon arrival prisoners are given a crime, prison jumpsuit, prison number and allocated into a cell. From here prisoners have 3 hours to escape their cell, make their way off the landing, find a way out of the building and figure out how to get past the prison gates. But it doesn’t end there, escape is just the beginning. Once out prisoners have to solve a range of puzzles and clues to successfully rendezvous with their getaway driver and make it to freedom with the prize money. All of this has to be done with the retrieval team hot on your heels, looking to put escapees into segregation as punishment for breaking out.

The event will run on the 17th & 18th September and is the final prison escape of 2016. Prison Escape was designed by Joel Campbell, founder of Immersive Events, it compromises puzzles, clues, challenges, interaction and immersion with actors. Those who are daring, courageous and take the odd risk may fair well, but time it wrong and you will find yourself banged up in the segregation unit. 

The experience last for three hours, tickets are priced at £45 each and are available to purchase from the Immersive Events website.

There is also an overnight sleepover in the prison on the 17th, ‘A Night in the Dana’ with a combo ticket available for both events.

The event takes place on the 17th and 18th September at HMP Shrewsbury (The Dana Prison), a genuine Victorian prison that was closed a decommissioned by the MOJ in 2013.

Joel Campbell, Founder of Immersive Events said, ‘This is the 3rd time will have run prison escape this year and they have been so successful the whole experience has been brilliant. Its quickly become one of the most popular events for customers and staff alike. As it’s our last one in 2016 we have planned something a little extra special for the 2 days, plus with the overnight stay customers can take advantage of 2 great events over a 24 period. We plan to go out with a bang before returning for another run of Prison Escape Events in 2017.