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SciBar – Falling in love – with your Biome

SciBar – Falling in love – with your Biome


The SciBar movement started in the North West, where 11 cities and towns now hold them as regular monthly events. 

Promoted by the British Science Association, a SciBar is simply science in a bar. Come and enjoy a drink and a lively scientific discussion in a completely informal setting. You don’t need to know any science at all. Enquiring minds are particularly welcome.

This SciBar event will try and persuade you that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to fall in love – in love with your Gut Biome that is. Dr. Ian Wilson is not only a leading academic bio-chemist but also a veteran of the SciBar circuit where his amusing and enthusiastic style make him a much in demand speaker. The importance to health and well-being of a healthy gut biome (the bacteria in your digestive tract) and becoming better understood.  Ian explains why we should regard the gut biome as a vital organ of the body in its own right and how we can help keep it functioning properly. 

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