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Shrewsbury Fake Festival

Shrewsbury Fake Festival


Shrewsbury - ROCK IS BACK! We skipped a few years, so we reckon you’re up for some SERIOUS PARTY-ROCKING… right guys?! We can’t wait, we’ve really missed your buzzy vibe - seeing you chilling, singing, dancing into the night is just magic. Join us for some extra-spesh party catch-up, let’s make your 5th Fake-Fest one to remember!

Shrewsbury Fake Festival is a tribute-based music event and one of our 2022 tour dates.

We're bringing 6 of our ‘fake bands’ to Shrewsbury – professional ‘touring-grade’ tribute bands that put on a superb performance. They look, sound and move like the real rock-stars – you have to see them to believe it!

We work hard to ensure our festivals are safe, secure, accessible and friendly - with an environment that caters for all ages. Our giant marquee ensures a warm, lively, inside atmosphere, so you can really enjoy the music.

So round up your group or family members and make it a fun packed music day out - come and support live music and party with us late into the evening!

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