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Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park


Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park, is a fully immersive scare, horror and action event; designed and run by Immersive Events (SCAR award winners, Best Zombie Experience Event 2016).

Set 20 years after the initial outbreak of the virus, zombies have taken over. The only surviving humans now live in secure compounds around the world. Shrewsbury Prison, where the virus originated, has become one such compound, run by the idealistic General P Hock.  Groups of survivors come together to set up these small communities in the hope of creating some form of normality and surviving.

Survivors come to the gates of Shrewsbury Prison seeking refuge on a daily basis. As supplies shorten and space is becoming a vastly needed commodity, only the most useful survivors will be invited to join the community. If you’re not deemed useful you will be rejected and cast out.

This is SANCTUM - Aim for Acceptance, Fear Rejection.

This event is suitable for 12+yrs (12-16 year olds must be accompanied by a partaking, responsible adult).

Arrival times – 7pm-8pm for this 4-5 hour fully immersive event.

Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park consists of 3 scare mazes, 3 scare zones, a fully immersive story arc and live music from 10:30pm – midnight. There is a fully licenced bar and food available throughout the event.

Tickets can be purchased online