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Tanners Halloween Guided Tour

Tanners Halloween Guided Tour


Shrewsbury is full of history so, of course, it's natural to assume a few good ghost stories have found their way into the story-telling repertoire of this medieval market town.

There have been many ghostly sightings here on old Wyle Cop, most just a few feet from our front door, and a good few haunted goings-on within Tanners ancient premises too.

Customers and staff alike have reported ghostly apparitions and sounds roaming the floors of our famous old building. Will our guests witness any of these spectres on our guided Halloween tour?

Will you feel the brush of cold air pass you by? Will you hear the sound of the worn floorboards creaking, apparently under the weight of nothing at all? Whether you believe in ghosts or think them the product of an over-active imagination, guests on our Halloween Tour will be thoroughly spooked by our in-house tour guides Alix Chidley-Uttley & Luke Dowdy as they make their way through the old Passageway, up in to the Clive Tanner room, or down to below street level in our Cellars...

We look forward to greeting you with a welcome drink and telling the stories of this famous building. But it's a ghostly old place and when daylight passes, you may catch the sudden glimpse of a resident long since passed.

Be warned...

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