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Tanners Historic Talk

Tanners Historic Talk


Tanners Historical Talks will devote an evening to unveiling the secrets and fascinating past of our county town, the medieval Shrewsbury.

Whilst seated you’ll take a visual tour of the town’s streets, alley ways and buildings we all know – but how well do we really know them? From famous (and infamous) monarchs to the Victorian costermonger, many characters have stayed in Shrewsbury and walked the cobbled streets and narrow passageways of this town, and their mark is there to see, if you know where to look.

You'll learn about some of our most iconic sites and the interesting stories and figures of history that are interwoven with the locations themselves. Included in this line-up will of course be 26 Wyle Cop, our flagship branch and beautiful Elizabethan building. The Prince Rupert, who claim to be the oldest secular building in Shrewsbury!

Your hosts, history enthusiasts, Alix Chidley-Uttley and Jo Evans will also be sharing stories and photographs, maps and sketches revealing Shrewsbury throughout the centuries. A must-do visual tour for anyone wanting to know Shrewsbury a little better.

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