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A Taste of Tanners at Home: Sherry

A Taste of Tanners at Home: Sherry


More Tea, Vicar? Sherry doesn’t always get the reputation it deserves. In fact, all too often it receives rather a disservice as a drink you might swig at Christmas, or a childhood recollection from the mists of time as drunk by an ancient and distant relative. We want you to revisit Sherry. From Manzanilla to PX via old Oloroso, we have a sherry to demonstrate the delights that are, well, Sherry!

Join us for this introduction to Sherry, giving you the chance to sample a selection of four different wines, learning about the region of Jerez, the process of solera ageing and how it makes the perfect food accompaniment. Hosted by Tanners Sherry experts and enthusiasts, Robert Boutflower and Christina Albon, we look forward to greeting you!

Wines tasted:

Tanners Mariscal Manzanilla Sherry
Tanners Cream Sherry
Viña AB Amontillado Seco Sherry, Gonzalez Byass
Triana Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Bodegas Hidalgo - 50cl

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