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The Gateway in Shrewsbury's top classes

Take a leap at learning something new and tick a task off your bucket list. The Gateway offers courses from the classical to the uncommon; you're bound to find something to capture your interest.

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The Gateway in Shrewsbury's top classes

Learn a language

If you like your travels to test your tongue, prepare for your next holiday with classes in Italian, French, Spanish and German. Learn the local lingo and impress your companions with the expert ordering of déjeuner. Classes cater to any skill level, range from beginner to advanced.

Cultivate your creativity

Fuel your right-brain through creative classes that stretch your artistic muscles. Try something one-off with a five week introduction to machine embroidery. If you prefer tradition to the unusual, hone classical skills with pottery and ceramics.

Get active

Practice mindfulness, increase your flexibility and dance the calories off. Reach calm with yoga for beginners or an introduction to mindfulness, two great stress-busting classes. Get moving with exercise to music, available for beginners or improvers, or stretch and flex with pilates across three levels of experience.

Roman holiday

Learn to decipher ancient patterns and inscriptions with an introduction to reading Roman tombstones. To immerse students in ancient Rome, this class is held at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. Continue the Roman lifestyle with reading Latin literature, si fueris Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō mōre

Visit The Gateway website to book