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A Shrewbury Original since

You’ll find Artcadia on Hill’s Lane, a cobbled street, a little off the beaten track of the more bustling streets of Shrewsbury. This town fiercely supports local business, Wyle Cop having the longest run of independent shops in the UK. Once inside, you’ll find beautiful note card sets, thoughtfully curated notebooks and pens. Look a little further, behind the Victorian tailor’s counter and you’ll see two old printing presses, noisily working away, producing beautiful bespoke paper products. This truly is a stationery lover’s heaven, where traditions are honoured and held dear.

Artcadia was founded in 2009, formerly homed in outbuildings and private studios. The aim was to keep the art of correspondence alive, which was gravely under threat from the digital age. Paperless invitations, emails and digital printing, replacing fine papers, good penmanship and ‘proper’ printing. The business moved into town in 2018, opened it’s doors and was warmly received by like-minded stationery aficionados. 

“We have been so touched by the comments we've heard about the shop. We didn’t realise how many people there were out there, who cared so deeply about preserving crafts like ours.” Say owner Vici Blenkharn.

Artcadia is keeping alive the tradition of the formal invitation, the birth announcement, a hand written thank you note and the like. They are doing what they can to prevent these precious items and the memories attached to them from getting lost, swept away with the rare skills it takes to produce such things.

A Shrewsbury Original

Artcadia is home to Shrewsbury born designer Vici Blenkharn. Vici's designs are created and printed in house. In store you will find a vast collection of her creations, including a comprehensive range of greetings cards, art prints and luxury bespoke stationery, many of which are exclusive to Artcadia's Hill's Lane store. 

The shop truly is one-of-a-kind, a unique offering that cannot be replicated online. You can pick up a beautiful and tactile greetings card, whilst simultaneously watch it being run through the windmill press. It encourages shoppers to consider how things are made, making it difficult to opt for the mass produced. You cannot ignore the quality, nor the considerations made for the environment in the sourcing of materials used. Something you buy from here is meaningful and you treat it with care and respect. 

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