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Porterhouse Shrewsbury

Darwin's Kitchen


Darwin's Kitchen is a bar and grill house with boutique rooms. Food is served all day from brunch, lunch and dinner to bar snacks through to 10pm. The menu offers a wide range of small and bigger plates some British favourites and some inspired from around the globe.

Darwin's Kitchen prides itself on having a relaxed yet vibrant and fun atmosphere, with friendly and attentive service, ensuring you feel at home from the moment you step in. The key is in the quality of the ingredients; all of the beasty-based foods are sourced only from farmers whose wellies are splattered in honest, hormone-free muck, and are in possession of a healthy, ruddy-glow, a clear indicator of time spent chasing livestock around the pasture.

Whether looking for a burger and beer at lunch, a mouthwatering steak and glass of red with friends or some nibbles and cocktails after work, Darwin's Kitchen is the destination of choice.

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