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Signal: The Hub

Signal: The Hub

20-22 Riverside Shopping Centre


Signal is a charity working with people who are deaf or have hearing loss in the Shropshire and overseas. Signal works to build a deaf friendly world to challenge the stigma and isolation faced by people with this hidden disability through education, learning and greater access to health services.

Their work is focused at The Hub in Shrewsbury, a centre which provides activities and services responding to the needs of people in the county with hearing loss. They offer advice, support, hearing screening, befriending, outreach work and practical services which all help people with hearing loss to lead full lives.

In Africa, Signal work in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia with teachers, community leaders and the families of deaf children to challenge negative attitudes towards deafness. They focus on integrating young deaf people into school to ensure they have access to quality education.

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