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Soho's Shrewsbury


Top Level
Pride Hill Shopping Centre


Soho's is an alternative clothing store, stocking a whole range of styles, ideal for those looking for an alternative to high street fashion.

The Shrewsbury store has a huge range of emo clothing, cool hoodies, t-shirts, skinny jeans, gothic clothing, lolita & harajuku inspired clothes, rockabilly clothing and punk clothing.

Soho's also stocks clothing that has a style of its own, including retro-inspired designs, along with hard, in your face outfits.

Soho's has a fantastic range of alternative brands, including Hell Bunny, Iron Fist Clothing & Shoes, TUK Shoes, New Breed Girl, Akumu Ink, Criminal Damage, Dead Threads, and many more.

The store delivers funky, stylish and alternative styles at unbeatable prices.

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