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UGC Exterior

The UGC (Universal God Centre)

32 - 34 Castle Street


A Shrewbury Original since

The UGC (Universal God Centre) has been set up by the charity 'Universal God: Message of Peace' to help bring our community together, and create a platform where we can help one another, learn from each other, inspire and create - no matter what religion, background or race. Because people are people, and we are stronger when we unite despite our diversities.

The charity's aim is to help promote peace and harmony between people of different faiths, and of no faith; by promoting, inspiring and educating about the common values of love, peace, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, tolerance, respect, honesty, integrity, humility and justice.

The centre provides a great space for charity fundraising events, talks, lectures, seminars, live music, workshops, meetings, gatherings, celebrations etc, and offers a multi-faith prayer room, a therapy room for mindfulness, yoga, reiki, reflexology, meditation and much much more.

The UGC has a coffee area which is open Tuesdays - Saturdays to the public, except during specific ad hoc events that take place at the centre.

There is live music most weekends in the afternoons.

We are currently looking for more volunteers so that we can offer the community even more! Please ask @ reception for more details or follow us on Facebook.

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