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The Vault Vintage

The Vault Vintage

2a Roushill Bank


We are The Vault. We are hand-picked vintage fashion for modern living. We are ethically sourced. We are environmentally friendly.

Our story starts around 10 years ago. We had always loved the idea of vintage and pre-loved fashion but never really knew where to start, until one day we decided to visit a charity shop to discover a plethora of wonderful goodies!

From here we started to source quality pre-loved fashion so we could share and encourage more people to consider used items to prove that just because it had already been worn does not mean it was worn out!

Our aim was to help reduce the vast amount of waste that was generated through the fashion industry which is currently at 350,000 tonnes per year going to landfill. Ouch! Also, we wanted our fellow fashion lovers to be able to get their hands on items that they wouldn't necessarily be able to find in their local high street for a fraction of the price of an inferior imitation.

This is where we decided to focus our attention on fashions of a bygone era. We noticed that these items were made to last unlike their modern-day counterparts and have already stood the test of time with a minimum of 20 years under their belts (pardon the pun!)
So here we are, The Vault Vintage was born!

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