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Shrewsbury's Open Stories

Scooped in the loop of the River Severn, Shrewsbury is a town oozing with history. Whether from the comfort of your home, whilst out and about or commuting, be transported to the heart of Shrewsbury with the new SO Stories audio tours. 

Medieval Shrewsbury

Take a walk through Bear Steps, Butcher’s Row, Church Street and the grounds of St Alkmund’s church, and discover their medieval history. Explore the historic heart of Shrewsbury, as you’re guided around some of our town’s most historic buildings, landmarks and streets. 

Guide by Bibbs Cameron, Vice-Chairman Shrewsbury Civic Society 

Shrewsbury Castle

Perched atop a hill overlooking the loop of the River Severn, sits the 11th century Shrewsbury Castle. Founded by Roger de Montgomery in 1074, the castle has undergone many transformations, the last one being by Thomas Telford who 'modernised' the building in the 18th century. 

Guide by Nigel Baker, Lead Archaeologist at the Shrewsbury Castle excavations 

St Mary’s Church 

Explore historic St Mary’s Church, home to one of the tallest spires in England. The church dates from Saxon times and has beautiful additions from the 12th-Century onwards. Inside, the atmosphere is peaceful with the soaring stone arches giving way to the church's great treasure - its stained glass. 

Guide by Robert Milton, local community officer for the Churches Conservation Trust 

Old St Chad's

Old St Chad’s occupies the second-highest point in Shrewsbury. The church dates to the Saxon times, around 8th century, and was known to be home to the Bishop of Mercia. Unfortunately, all that now remains is the 15th century Lady Chapel, as much of the church was demolished in 1788. 

Guide by Maggie Love, local tour guide