Shrewsbury hero


Explore Shrewsbury's 12 quarters, each with its own distinct personality, from Wyle Cop's bustling independents to the West End's Nightlife and everything in between.

Our past

More about our history

Shrewsbury has been scooped in the River Severn for over 1,000 years. Although the face of the town has changed, the ancient streets and architecture mix seamlessly with the new.

Shrewsbury's story is on the map for many reasons, discover the origins, defining landmarks and the better-than-fiction facts that make Shrewsbury original with our historic timeline.

Our future

Planning for our future

Local organisations, businesses and residents are working together to help Shrewsbury evolve and develop for the good of everyone with the Big Town Plan.

It’s ambitious and bold, reshaping the physical public realm and matching it with an outstanding public experience. Together we will revolutionise movement around our town and attract vital investment. Discover more.

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