Posted 11 Apr 2024

Best of the Fest: What Not to Miss at Loopfest 2024

Loopfest volunteer David Molby tells us about a few of the bands he's most excited to welcome to this year's three-day festival bonanza.
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Adult Play

Adult play

Where: Shrewsbury Castle (supporting The Futureheads)

When: Friday 3rd May 2024 from 18:00

Shropshire’s own genre-jumping indie-pop heroes are growing from beloved county secret to nationally loved radio daaaahlings.

Since debuting at the first ever Loopfest two years ago, they have evolved from post-punk gloomy gorgeousness into electro funk infused melodic madness.

Played on the reg on Radio 6 and Radio 1, their recent singles manage to be both wildly inventive and still able to maintain a groove that appeals to both indie-heads and electro lovers.

Live, the five-piece are a dizzying mix of synths, guitars and percussion that brings to mind Talking Heads having a barney with Blur.

Also, Johnny, their drummer is your new favourite pin-up.

FOR FANS OF: Talking Heads, Vampire Weekend, Blur

A Pig Called Eggs

A pig called eggs

Where: Albert’s Shed

When: Sunday 5th May 2024, 17:40

APCE have been playing and wowing local audiences since the early 2010s. Fronted by blacksmith/wordsmith/guitarist Duncan Cooper, they create a sound that baffles in its joyful bawdy riffs, with lyrics that are both lolsome and thought provoking (you’ll never see Lorraine Kelly the same again).

When you see them play live you see a band explode into life, they’re as tight as a gnats bottom, bassist Jack Cooper providing the groovy riffs, drummer Rich Wolter managing to be both LOUD as well as keeping the tempo, despite all those wonderful math-rock time changes.

Quite simply, they’re phenomenal. Brash and ballsy with a stage show that will keep you laughing and moshing until you’re their new biggest fan. Splendid.

FOR FANS OF: Nirvana, Primus, The Cardiacs

Rowan Lawson Band

Rowan Lawson 1

Where: The Bull Inn

When: Sunday 5th May 2024, 17:40

Rowan is a tremendously gifted songwriter who welds his love of Americana, blues, and folk into his melodic and soulful songwriting.

By himself, he is marvellous, his songs weaving their way into magical and darkened places with a strong stage presence that will have you hollering for whisky and musing over lost loves.

However, with his band is where the songs truly sparkle, aided by a backing troupe of guitarist, drums, bass, and harmonica, the songs harmonise into a spellbinding set that will leave you clamouring for more.

FOR FANS OF: Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Bruce Springsteen



Where: Shrewsbury Castle (supporting Beardyman)

When: Sunday 5th May 2024, from 13:00

Greysha has been a massive supporter of Loop since we began, and we have fallen in love with her dreamy, synth-infused pop songs, so we can’t wait to see her perform on our wonderful Castle Stage again.

Always wowing an audience with her captivating songs that combine her love of hazy, drunken, melodies with 80s style, crisp production.

Lyrically biting, her haunting songs will weave their way into your soul, promising to call back the next morning but leaving you on ‘read’ whilst they charm their way to the next town to do it all again.

FOR FANS OF: Lana Del Rey, Mac De Marco, Kate Bush

Cousin Kula

Cousin Kula

Where: St. Mary’s Church

When: Saturday 4th May 2024

Sun-drenched, dreamy melodies from this band of brilliant Bristol-based beauts.

These young, talented musicians manage to marry their melodies into a melting mixture of jazz, soul, and indie goodness.

Harmonious and warm, latest single ‘Clothes Off’ highlights their singular vision perfectly: flutes, funky bass, and vocals that drip into your ear like honey.

FOR FANS OF: Vulfpeck, Curtis Mayfield, The Style Council

The Uptown Monotones

The Uptown Monotones

Where: St. Mary’s Church

When: Saturday 4th May 2024

Once seen, never forgotten. The Uptown Monotones are potentially the most unique band that we have at Loopfest, and that’s one incredible achievement.

These fine Austrian men are, in many ways, the quintessential Loopfest band. They’re all about the harmony, the big beats, the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you have a beer in your hand with all your mates and you’re listening to some great music.

They mix hip hop with balloon solos, with acoustic campfire songs, with beatboxing, with didgeridoo action.

All while making you feel that you’re at the greatest house party you’ve never been to.

So come on in – you’re invited.

FOR FANS OF: Life and music in general

The Big Hell

The Big Hell

Where: Albert & Co Frankville

When: Sunday 5th May 2024, 16:20

Former ‘God Damn’ member Thomas Edwards brings his new band of merry men to Loopfest for the first time – and we can’t wait to see what these handsome, hairy, big daddies bring to the party.

If recent single ‘Hooligan Dad’ highlighted their punk/hardcore influences, it married nicely with their debut ‘B**tard Eyes’, which managed to surprise with its melodic, harmonious vocals before battering us with colossal riffs and drums that sound like a set of stairs falling down a set of stairs (in a good way, natch).

The Wolverhampton three-piece played the Loopfest fundraiser last year and enthralled all with their phenomenal live show – which was loud af, filled with melodic infused gutter punk rock. The crowd loved ‘em, and you will too.

FOR FANS OF: God Damn, Shellac, Pixies.


Trademark Blue

Where: The Ol’ Chemist

When: Sunday 5th May 2024, 17:40

Rhymes to die for, beats to dazzle, crack open the Hennessy and marvel at Shropshire’s own hip-hop Godfather.

Boom Boom Womb

Where: Albert & Co Frankville

When: Sunday 5th May 2024, 17:00

Riot grll, punky four-piece who shine on stage, cracking cover choices too.

Missing Fingers

Where: Ashley’s Bar

When: Sat 4th May 2024, 17:40

Indie-based rock n roll? Kinda. Glam? Sorta. Incredible? Always.

Nikki Rous

One of the most beautiful voices in Shropshire, with songs that leave you bewitched and enraptured.

Where: In Good Hands Cafe

When: Sat 4th May 2024, 18:00

Don’t Call Me Ishmael

Folky, weird, poppy, indie – if that doesn’t entice you, maybe their incredible songcraft will.

Where: The Wheatsheaf

When: Sat 4th May 2024, 14:20

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