Posted 14 Sept 2021

Shrewsbury's Callaghans profiles by The English Home

Callaghans of Shrewsbury has been a staple of St Mary's Street for over a decade, growing from a small gallery to a global business selling fine art and furniture. It's no wonder, therefore, that this family-owned gallery has been profiled by The English Home.
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"Within moments of meeting Daniel Callaghan – who, with his wife Stella, owns the Fine Art gallery Callaghan’s of Shrewsbury – his love of art is clear to see. This passion was instilled in Daniel from a young age as his father was an auctioneer so he grew up surrounded by fine art and furniture. With both nature and nurture at play, his appreciation of art led him at eighteen to take the bold step of opening his own gallery in the historical town of Shrewsbury, where they lived. The rest, as they say, is history. Callaghan’s of Shrewsbury was born, a business that now, 35 years on, has garnered an exceptional reputation both across the country and around the world. "

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