Posted 07 Jan 2019

Ghost Hunting in Shrewsbury

With a long and gory history, Shrewsbury is said to be one of the most haunted towns in the UK. Watch out for these ghosts and ghouls inhabiting the towns buildings.

The Prince Rupert is believed to have a number ghostly guests to be roaming the halls. One of the directors of the 1984 ‘A Christmas Carol’ was staying at the hotel when filming in Shrewsbury and a saw a figure disappear through a wall.

Have you heard the story of ‘Bloudie Jack’, the 12th century ghoul that is reputed to haunted Shrewsbury Castle? This sinister character was captured for the murder of several young women and hanged, drawn and quartered for his crimes.

Situated on Wyle Cop, The Nags Head contains painting that is rumoured to have caused the death of three ghosts that haunt the pub. Visitors have reported jukeboxes switching on in the middle of the night and the furniture shifting when their backs were turned.

Following renovations to their building, a 13th century stone mansion was uncovered at the Hole in the Wall. The smiling ghost of Lady Sarah is reported to have been seen making her way through the pub after-hours.

The roof of Shrewsbury Train Station collapsed over platform 3 in 1887, crushing a local Councillor and his carriage. A shadowy figure is said to have been seen haunting the entrance to Castle Street from this platform.

Due to the military-themed name, visitors to Barrack’s Passage have reported seeing men milling around and faces appearing in the windows of the buildings. The local tale is that soldiers killed at Bosworth Field returned to Shrewsbury because of the warm welcome given by the town.

St Alkmund’s is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a drunken 15th-century steeple jack who fell to his death after attempting the climb the church tower on a wager.

Shrewsbury's haunted buildings

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