Posted 17 Nov 2022

The Motorhomer's Magazine weekend getaway in Shrewsbury

The Motorhomer's Magazine spent a weekend exploring Shrewsbury's foodie scene, squeezing through historic shuts and passages and mooching around our shops and attractions. But warns you'll need a will of iron to resist indulging in all that the town has to offer!

"Shrewsbury is a town where an ostentatious display of wealth hits us as soon as we step off the bus from the campsite near The Square. Spectacular Owen's Mansion and Ireland's Mansion each try to outdo the other in all their late sixteenth century show of splendour...It's also a town awash with beautiful flowers. They're everywhere. Baskets full of blooms adorn the bridges and traffic islands...In keeping with so much of Shrewsbury, even the park and garden are Grade II listed... We linger in The Dingle, the delightful formal gardens with lots of seats from which to admire the reflections of all the blossoms in the pond.

I'd love to spend longer than a few days in Shrewsbury but am aware of the danger that, if I did, I'd soon need far more than a discreet nudge to get me through St Mary's Shut. The restaurants span a mouth-watering spectrum, from Nepalese to Spanish and Thai, Caribbean to Mexican. You'd need an iron will to resist all that."

Throughout her weekend stay, writer Helen Werin visited many of Shrewsbury's outstanding businesses, including CSons, The King's Head, Shrewsbury Prison, St Mary's Church, Shrewsbury Castle and The Soldiers of Shropshire Museum.

Click here to read the full article from The Motorhomer's Magazine.

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