Posted 09 Sept 2022

Queen Elizabeth in Shrewsbury

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will always hold a special place in the heart of Shrewsbury. We look back at two of her significant visits captured by the residents and photographers of Shrewsbury.
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July 1949 The Royal Agricultural Show


Image credit: unknown

In July 1949, three years before her accession to Queen, the then Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh visited Shrewsbury to open the Royal Agricultural Show. During the welcoming reception at Shrewsbury Castle, the Princess was inspecting the Women's Royal Army Corps when a Sergeanty member of the guard fainted.


Image credit: Shropshire Star

The Princess and Duke were welcomed to the Agricultural Show by Lord Digby and Tom Williams, Minister of Agriculture. During the five-hour tour, the pair visited the Royal Industries Exhibition which highlighted the growing skills and technology in the agricultural industry and viewed local livestock and prize-winning cattle.

October 1952 Shrewsbury School's 400th anniversary


Image credit: Flicker user mclinesroberts

Less than a year before her coronation Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh return to Shrewsbury to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shrewsbury School being granted their charter by King Edward VI. After a brief reception at Shrewsbury Castle, the Princess and Duke drove through Frankwell where the streets were lined with exuberant residents.


Image credit: David Trumper

Here the couple were greeted with a huge programme of events and celebrations that involved Salopians both past and present. Accompanied by the headmaster Mr Peterson, The Princess opened a new terrace built to commemorate their visit and inspected the school's Army Cadets. With a final demonstration of the school's physical training, the Princess requested the boys receive an extra three days added to their school holiday in honour of her visit.


Image credit: Flicker user mclinesroberts

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