Posted 24 Mar 2022

Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings: The Guardian's top 10 must visit destinations of 2022

Shrewsbury's historic Flaxmill Maltings have been highlighted by The Guardian as one of 10 must visit newly opened destinations in 2022, alongside attractions such as The Burrell Collection and The Game of Thrones Studio Tour.
Mar 22

The world’s first skyscraper wasn’t in New York, but … Shrewsbury. The main mill at Flaxmill Maltings was built with a pioneering iron frame in 1797, paving the way for modern skyscrapers. It is one of eight listed buildings on the site, which is now owned by Historic England. The smithy and stables have already been restored, and the site will open to the public when the main mill and kiln are completed later this year. A visitor centre will tell the story of one of the most important buildings of the Industrial Revolution, and there will be a new cafe and shop.

Read the full feature from The Guardian here.

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