Posted 09 Jun 2017

Shrewsbury happiest place to live in the West Midlands

Shrewsbury has been voted the happiest place to live in the West Midlands and the 8th happiest in the entire magnificent island that is Great Britain. The wonderful market town on the border with Wales fought off tough competition in a diverse number of categories.
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Rightmove carried out the survey of almost 24,000 people on the happiest place to live in Great Britain, with the criteria broken down into 12 categories. Shrewsbury came top out of over 200 places with the friendliest people.

Not surprisingly Shrewsbury was also in the top ten for ‘Nature and green spaces’. The Quarry and the Dingle are definitely some of the most idyllic green spots in any town in the country. That and the beautiful green countryside around us are on the things that makes Shrewsbury such a special place.

The town was in the top 30% in ten out of twelve categories in the research, these included: community and the sense of belonging, artistic and cultural activities, non-essential amenities e.g. restaurants and shops and essential local services e.g. doctors and schools. With such a fantastic range of independent shops and restaurants to keep you busy while the sun is up, and the theatre and bars once the sun’s gone down.

With Shrewsbury coming in the top 10% in five categories, it’s clear our county town excels across the board.

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