Posted 07 Jan 2022

The Guardian's car-free trip to Shrewsbury and Shropshire

The Guardian has been on a car-free break in Shropshire and taken in the delights that the county, and Shrewsbury, have to offer.
Jan 2022

"Shropshire’s river-circled county town has lots of options for all-weather sightseeing, including a good market."

Storing their luggage at the nearby Premier Inn, writer Phoebe then goes on to explore the "soaring town-centre beauty" that is St Mary's Church, with a visit to their not-to-be-missed cafe.

A leisurely afternoon is spent exploring "the town’s free museum and art gallery, a neoclassical former concert hall that counts Telford’s measuring wheel among its treasures". Complete with a trip to nearby Okra, one of Shrewsbury's premier vegan eateries.

"After lunch, I walk through the Dingle, a bench-lined garden in a former quarry, down an avenue of lime trees, and over the disconcertingly bouncy Port Hill suspension footbridge. The Boathouse pub, on the far side of the Severn, serves Darwin’s Origin copper ale from the Salopian Brewery. (Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury). It takes 15 minutes to stagger from here along the river to the station, past a Darwin-inspired riverside archway called Quantum Leap. The trains home run smoothly while a pink sunset glows and fades to black outside the windows."

Click here to read the full article from The Guardian.

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