Posted 11 Jan 2021

Vinterior celebrates 5th birthday

Located on Shrewsbury's historic Wyle Cop, Vinterior is a treasure trove of vintage-inspired gifts and homeware. We caught up with owner Gaynor Jones in preparation of Vinterior's fifth birthday this November.
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In March of this year, Gaynor took over ownership of Vinterior from her good friend Trish Donovan. With an intimate and long-running history with the building and Wyle Cop, Gaynor felt that taking over the business was a natural step.

Gaynor is a businesswoman at heart, having started her own enterprise at the tender age of 18 – Candy & Crisps – a sweet shop in the Mardol Gardens Arcade, for those who remember it.

Her relationship with the Vinterior building began back in 1976, when it was Country Fresh greengrocers. She remembers watching her mum at work there in the school holidays, as a little girl.

“I would go to work with mum in the shop, while my brother went on the bread round with dad,” she said. “The shop got a farm cat called Tiggy to help with the mice in the basement. After that, there was no stopping me from wanting to be at the shop!”

Though perhaps owner Stuart was less keen on his new shop assistant.

“I remember Mum shouting at me to hide as the boss was coming with a delivery,” Gaynor laughed. “I’m sure he knew I was upstairs playing with the cat, but turned a blind eye.”

Gaynor would venture upstairs into the flat above the shop to visit Mr Throssel and his daughter and play with their pet rats.

“They had the biggest rocking horse a little girl had ever seen!” she said.

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Years later, when the grocers was sold, Gaynor's mother left the business and Gaynor began working there for the new owner. She went on to work at a number of businesses along Wyle Cop and then a utility company for 13 years. In 2015, Gaynor's mother became unwell and it was whilst accompanying her to an appointment that Gaynor bumped into her friend Trish.

“She was the owner of a new shop, called Vinterior, at the top of Wyle Cop, where the fruit and veg shop used to be,” Gaynor said.

“She was looking for some help and offered me a few hours. I was adamant I would never work a weekend, but that quickly changed.”

In March 2019, having been at Vinterior for three years, Gaynor was offered the chance to take over the business.

“I loved my job and when Trish said that she was selling up and moving I didn’t have to think twice, I immediately said I’d buy the shop off her and the rest is history!

“I'm so proud of what I've achieved over the last three years.”

Filling the business with quirky, unique items, often sourcing exclusive pieces from local artists has become a true passion for Gaynor. She finds selecting items easy.

“If it’s unusual or quirky then that’s a must have!” she explained. “We are well known for selling interesting items you won’t find anywhere else.

“I love my job, although it's not like real work as I’ve finally found something I love doing! Who doesn’t like buying pretty things?!

“We’re also in a prime location at the top of Wyle Cop on the corner, so it’s a great place for people watching and in my lunch breaks I get to go shopping and stroll around town or visit the hairdressers or nail bar to have my nails done. I have to look the part, don’t I?!”

Make sure to pop in to Vinterior and say hello to Gaynor, who is more than happy to guide you around her thoughtfully curated wares.

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