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Christmas and New Year opening hours

Shrewsbury's retailers will be remaining open throughout the festive season, allowing you longer to stock up on last-minute gifts and essentials. Read on to discover Shrewsbury's opening hours before, during and after the seasonal period.

Christmas Week

Monday 21st

M&S open 6am to midnight

Tuesday 22nd

M&S open 6am to midnight

Wednesday 23rd

Boots open until 6.30pm, M&S open 6am to midnight

Thursday 24th

Boots open until 5.30pm, M&S open 6am to 7pm

Saturday 26th (Boxing Day)

Shopping Centres open 10am to 5pm, M&S closed

Saturday 27th

Shopping Centres, Boots and M&S open 10.30am to 4.30pm

After Christmas

Monday 28th (bank holiday)

Shopping Centres open 10am to 5pm, M&S open 9am to 7pm

Tuesday 29th & Thursday 31st

Shopping Centres open normal hours, M&S 9am to 7pm

Friday 1st (bank holiday)

Shopping Centres and M&S closed

Additional dates

Shrewsbury's Charles Darwin and Pride Hill shopping centres will be open until 7pm Monday to Friday until December 23rd, closing at 4pm on Sundays.

Tesco will be open 7am until 10pm every day, except Boxing Day and New Years Day when it will be open 8am until 10pm.

Many of the independent business on Wyle Cop will also be extending their opening hours, including Christmas Perks, Lovely Little World, Oberon, Wrekin Whiskey, Soden Collection, Ella Cru and more. Please contact individual businesses for their opening times.


Parking will be FREE from 11am to 6pm in all Shropshire Council car parks from 3 December [2020] to 17 January [2021], to provide the county’s town centre traders with a welcome boost once the current lockdown ends. Click here for more details.


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