Thursday offer: 3 for £15 on small plates

14 Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury, SY1 1PB

Alb small plates shrewsbury

About this offer

Three cheers for a steal!

It’s a deal – three for £15 on small plates

3 pm to 9 pm
every Thursday

Feast on crispy squid, popcorn chicken, piggy fries, and more! Your taste buds and wallet agree – this is the ultimate bargain

About The ALB

Est. 1824 Re:Est. 2012

The Original Hangout Since Now....

The ALB offers local, freshly prepared, quality food with a modern twist, and cocktails prepared by award-winning cocktail bartenders.

The decor consists of zany artwork as well as a back bar to boast about. Situated just a minute's walk from the railway station, the ALB is a safe and friendly venue, providing a warm welcome to everyone, children and adults alike.

The ALB also offer 6 hotel rooms in this historic 200-year-old building

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