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Winter homes for wildlife

Winter homes for wildlife


Help your garden wildlife – autumn is the time to prepare for the colder months ahead. Find out how to make somewhere special for your helpful wildlife to survive the winter.

The cold months of autumn and winter can be lethal to wildlife. If you help predators like ladybirds and lacewings to survive, they’ll be there in good numbers next year to keep your garden pest-free.

Other garden favourites like hedgehogs need somewhere safe and sheltered to hibernate too.

Lots of ideas at this event to make your garden a safe haven over winter. Make a winter home for ladybirds and other bugs to take home with you, and collect some ideas for other projects.

Start early, and you’ll have a whole estate of des-res winter wildlife homes in place when the season turns.   

Anyone can do something practical to make life a bit more comfortable for wintering wildlife. Another of Dr Cath’s drop-in holiday nature events at The Cut.

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