Posted 17 Aug 2022

Shrewsbury Cowork Campus

Welcome to the Shrewsbury Cowork Campus – a diverse and dynamic range of flexible working space in the heart of our medieval town.
Cowork camps
Cowork campus

Its aim is to encourage more people to work in the town centre with different venues offering a range of coworking environments.

We know that a growing number of businesses are moving away from the traditional practice of running large offices which house large numbers of staff, and instead are offering their staff much more flexible options.

Coworking spaces are now in big demand, and the Shrewsbury Cowork Campus gives people the option of working in any number of vibrant, inspiring places, rather than having to work from home or go back to their office in between meetings.

Each has different facilities, a different atmosphere and different pricing structures which will suit a wide range of requirements - from using a desk for a few hours to a long-term rent.

If you are interested in using one of the venues, please contact them using the links below.

Shrewsbury Cowork Campus locations

If you own an office in Shrewsbury town centre and are interested in becoming part of the Cowork Campus, please contact Shrewsbury BID.

The Shrewsbury Cowork Campus is supported by Shrewsbury BID.

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