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Cornalls (formerly Barkworths) is Shropshires largest independent fishmongers and has been a trading name in Shrewsbury for nearly a century. At one time the company even owned its own trawlers! Present owner Ian Cornall bought the business in 1996 having previously worked his apprenticeship for eight years. A loyal customer saw the potential in Ian and kindly lent him the capital to buy the business.

At this time many fishmongers had already gone out of business or were struggling. This was largely due to the rise of the supermarket giants and convenience shopping. It was time for a new sort of fishmongers to take a stand, and stand they did, beating any supermarket on quality, variety and outstanding customer service. New types of seafood, as well as high quality traditional British fish, were taking this fishmongers upmarket.

We love sourcing really fresh fish. There is such a buzz in unpacking a box of day-boat Cornish or Scarborough fish delivered the day after being landed. These days, much of our fish is sourced directly from small suppliers, family companies and day-boats. We love handling fish, preparing fish, cooking fish and eating fish! We hope to inspire others to do so too.

We realise sustainability is an important issue, but also recognise that the word is often misleading and manipulated by supermarkets. What we can say is that if everyone bought their fish in its prime form, from a quality fishmonger, who in turn bought from small owner day boats, there would be plenty of fish in the sea. There are plenty of varieties of really tasty fish caught off our coast and it is our aim to provide a high-quality range of choice for you.

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