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Pancake indulgence in Shrewsbury

Pancake Day may have been and gone - but that doesn't mean you can't still indulge. Whether you're a sweet or savoury person, you're sure to find your perfect pancake at one of these Shrewsbury eateries.


Chez Sophie

Indulge with classic Parisian crepes at Chez Sophie, whether you prefer sweet or savoury toppings you'll find something for all tastebuds here. From the savoury Meaty Monster and L'Oceane to the sweet treats Death by Chocolate and Le Canadian, you'll be spoiled for choice with over over 30 different topping combinations!

Daily Brews

Specialty coffee shop Daily Brews is your go-to for stacks of classic American pancakes. Choose from a selection of toppings including maple syrup glazed streaky bacon, bananas and chocolate, mascarpone cream and fruit, and more! Berry Heaven pictured above.

Ginger and Co

With Ginger & Co's heavenly brunch menu you can tuck into a steamy stack of American-style pancakes. Top with your choice of streaky bacon and maple syrup, compote, yoghurt and honey, or the classic Nutella and banana. Brunch menu served 8.30am-2.30pm

Hopefully Made

Indie eatery Hopefully Made are expanding their pancake offerings with exclusive Pancake Week toppings as well as a their new Build Your Own Pancakes. Indulge with peanut butter and banana, classic lemon and sugar, fresh strawberries and cream, and many more! Limited edition Pancake Week toppings available 28th February - 6th March. Vegan and gluten-free options available. Pancake Day special Raspberry Heaven pictured above.

Little Dessert Shop

Whether you prefer classic French crepes, or a stack of steaming American pancakes, Shrewsbury's Little Dessert Shop has all bases covered. From classic fruit toppings to rich chocolate and indulgent candies here you'll find something to satisfy all taste buds.

Peaberry Cafe

Head to Shrewsbury's Peaberry for their brunch pancake stacks. Enjoy classic toppings such as bacon and syrup, and banana and hazelnut chocolate, or enjoy your pancakes American style with pork patties, bacon, eggs and syrup.

Planet Dessert

Indulge at one of Shrewsbury's newest eateries; Planet Dessert. Choose from a pancake stack or classic crepes with toppings ranging from red velvet crumb and chocolate drizzle to bananas and toffee sauce. Vegan and gluten-free alternatives available. Cookie Dimensions Pancake Stack pictured above.

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