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Hunted Happenings Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

Haunted Happenings Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt


Shrewsbury Prison is an absolute must for all you seasoned ghost hunters and anybody else who is quite frankly fearless. The prison is a huge and daunting location dark and foreboding in the dead of night. Shrewsbury Prison is one of the oldest prisons in the UK and has a macabre and sinister history. A Victorian prison built upon the foundations of a Georgian prison, and with an unwelcome history of executions, death and sometimes barbaric treatment. This abandoned prison is vast with so many haunted areas to investigate and it is ours exclusively for the whole night.

With endless areas to investigate including 'A' Wing, the Vulnerable Prisoners Wing, long corridors, execution areas, the hanging room, kitchens and the cells themselves there is hardly enough time to cover all the ground at Shrewsbury Prison. This Victorian Prison that was erected over the original Georgian Prison grounds is a dire place to spend the night, it has a cold and dreadful atmosphere where misery is the key word.

The Georgian Tunnels of the original site are still in existence today and many secret entrances are evident. Your ghost hunt at Shrewsbury Prison will certainly open your eyes to how prisoners were treated and even in modern day they would have known about the hanging area which is still very evident. Spending the night here will not be easy by any means but if you are looking for that all important ghostly activity then this Shrewsbury Prison is definitely for you.

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