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Marvellous Meadows

Marvellous Meadows


98% of wildflower meadows have been lost since 1950. Find out about this vanishing habitat, why it’s important to preserve what remains and what you can do to help. Plus seeds to take home!

Another of Dr Cath’s drop-in holiday nature events at The Cut.

Learn about wildflower meadows – where to go in Shropshire to see them, how to help preserve them and how to make a mini meadow in your garden or transform a field into a wildflower paradise.

Sow a pot of wildflower seeds to take home and plant in your lawn – start your own meadow! These species-rich grasslands are heaven for pollinators and offer a vital habitat for vanishing farm wildlife. 

Don't forget there will still be time to take part in the Big Butterfly Count 15 July to 7 August.  We have ID charts available in our Visitor Centre for you!

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